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Clinic Lémanic

Clinic Lémanic is an internationally acclaimed institute in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine that has been awarded an array of awards from its peers, including the Crystal Trophy in recognition of the Best Aesthetic Clinic in Europe, and the prestigious IIPP "Merit for Development of Technology in Aesthetic Medicine" prize, awarded at the UNESCO in Paris.


Stem Cell Banking

Health Preservation Secret

Today is the youngest you will ever be again preserve this moment in time for longer.

Finding the best Stem Cells for you

Adult Stem Cells can be found in multiple areas in the body including bone marrow, umbilical cord blood and adipose tissue (fat). Adult Stem Cells are the body’s repair system responsible for restoring the body’s important structures, tissues and organs. The scientific interest in adipose tissue derived Adult Stem Cells is firstly based on the possibility of its collection. If you did not get the chance to bank umbilical cord blood, you can still collect bone marrow or adipose tissue to isolate your Adult Stem Cells.

Swiss Quality 

Switzerland has been well-known for preserving people's wealth for decades now. Today it has gained a worldwide reputation for the preservation of your most valuable asset.. Your Health.

Under the strict regulation imposed by Swiss Medic (Swiss health authorities), you can rest assured that your Stem Cell Banking will be conducted with the utmost attention to quality, security and discretion.